Gardner's Wharf Seafood is a retail seafood market and wholesale shellfish processing station. Narragansett Bay Shell Fisherman deliver their catch every day to Gardner's Wharf, where it is processed and trucked to distributors, fish markets and restaurants up and down the east coast and as far west as Denver, Colorado.

   This wharf at the end of Main Street has been the site of a commercial fishing dock and retail fish market since the 1800s. A shack called Bellmore's Chowder Bowl operated here from about 1939 to about 1954.

   Our present location, bearing our business name, at historic Gardner's Wharf in Wickford, Rhode Island has been primarily a seafood market and shellfish processing station for over 70 years. With a staff of over 10, Gardner's Wharf Seafood is ready and eager to serve your fresh seafood needs.

   Proud of the longstanding tie between Gardner's Wharf in Wickford, RI and Narragansett Bay, Gardner's Wharf Seafood provides one of the few places left in Rhode Island for fishermen to sell their product and to dock their boats.

   The fishing, shipbuilding and commerce industry in Rhode Island provided by Narragansett Bay has always been a major factor in the fishing industry and Rhode Island's economy. The Bay offers a high quality of fish and shellfish.

   The following photos depict the changes and different views of longstanding Gardner's Wharf and its use as a seafood market and shellfish processing station over the years.

Bellmore's Chowder Bowl from approximately 1939 to 1954. Photo taken about 1940.

Looking west across harbor entrance with Gardner's Wharf in the foreground

Fish Dock at the End of Main Street, Wickford, RI

Drawing of Gardner's Wharf


  Gardner's Wharf Seafood is proud of its place in the fishing industry, its contribution to the Rhode Island economy, and in keeping Wickford's and Rhode Island's fishing history alive today at historic Gardner's Wharf.



170 Main Street, Wickford/North Kingstown, RI 02852    401-295-4600